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green_tree's Journal

4 July
Taking their lives away?
aberfoyle, aids, appalachian love, beautiful factories, being peed on, being shat on, being tied up, bill hicks, black power, ca ncer, can cer, can ser, cancer, cans her, canse er, carneval ride malfunctions, chestnut trees, circuses, dead parents, dildos and butter, dirty grandfathers, dirty uncles, dirty utensils, douglas fir trees, dried up, dune coons, earpieces, eazy e, enemas, evergreen trees, exploitation, factories, fault lines, fig trees, fubu, fykus trees, glucose, hair transplants, hearing aids, high colonics, incest, industrail factories, itty bitty corpse fuck, jaundice, jesus christ, kance er, kids smoking cigarettes, kids watching porn, kinser, laugh tracks, lock jaw, maple trees, medical malpractice in miami, my dog kil kil, no daddy please don't, nwa, oak trees, oil spills, palm trees, passing out, people dying in clubs, production factories, prosthetics, protection rackets, radical rascist, red wood trees, revisions, shaved heads, small children, smaug, smog producing factories, smothering, summer consentration camp, sweat factories, sweet factories, sweetgum trees, sycamore trees, terrible happenings, the handicapped, the japanese yakuza, the kkk, trees, ugly factories, underground porn circuits, warping children, white power, you will die, yummy narcotics